I honestly, have too many good things to say about Lynne. Quite frankly, she changed my life. I first went to Lynne in 2014 after suffering from terrible panic attacks for three years that were not getting better. I was on two medications but was still suffering from regular anxiety attacks and panic episodes. Lynne was different than any therapist I had been to. She does not just talk to you about your feelings (although she does also do that and is an excellent listener), she gives you practical, concrete strategies on things to do to help you get better. She carefully and methodically gives you ideas and things you can work on to improve your quality of life. They can be little things, individually tailored to what you need that will help you to overcome obstacles you are having in your life. I’ve had a few therapists and none have come close to being as effective for me as Lynne was. She will get your background and talk about your feelings but she will also give you tools to implement in case of a panic attack, after an anxiety episode, etc. This is embarrassing to say, but I had a real fear of dating at the time. Although I was going on quite a few dates, I was extremely nervous and would be very anxious leading up to dates. Lynne and I worked on techniques to help me with my dating life and life in general and my fear went away.

She is incredibly knowledgeable about anxiety disorders and knows the facets and specificities of each one in a way that other mental health professionals, just do not. She can categorize and label behavior (ex: “that is OCD/perfectionism” or “that is relationship OCD or ROCD” behavior) in a way that makes it understandable to the client and less of a mystery.

Lynne does allow the use of medication where appropriate, but things got so much better for me, that, with Lynne’s counseling and the supervision of a medical doctor, I tapered off one of my medications and am a few months from being off the other one (you have to go really slow!). I am doing so well that I no longer need regular sessions with Lynne but know that I can call her should I need her in the future.

I have friends and family members who suffer from anxiety, as it is all too common these days. I share with them strategies that Lynne has taught me and would love if the mental health field was flooded with 10,000 Lynnes so that I could refer everyone I know to a Lynne-like professional. As ridiculous as that sounds, she is truly one of a kind, a wealth of information, professional, kind and top notch. If you can see her for your anxiety, you will be in such good hands. Things can only get better for you..

Sarah J.
Valley Village, Los Angeles, CA.

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